1X2STUDIO is an architectural office founded in 2005 by architect Zoran Abadić, situated in Belgrade.
Since 2005 Studio continuosly participates in national and international public architectural competitions through wich manifests ideas of importance to society and time of existance, and at the same time sets standards of personal expression.
By moving personal boundaries we are trying to develop conditions for the improvement of physical, professional and social context in which we live and work.

ince 2012 studio is involved in programme named "Improving the delivery of justice in Serbia" and intensively is working on defining the spatial and programme standards and several projects of reconstruction and construction for judicial facilities of Republic of Serbia.
Team members :
Zoran Abadić (1969), Jelena Bogosavljević (1983), Jelena Zagorac (1984), Dušan Milovanović (1980).
Main activity : 7112 engineering activities and consultancy
Registration / Tax number : 56582550 / 103784227
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Address / Contact : Radoslava Grujića 21, 111
18 Belgrade, Serbia / office@1x2studio.com, Facebook, Linkedin

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